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+44 1582 483913

Crystal House
45 New Bedford Road
England LU1 1HS
United Kingdom

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Sunday Unknown
Monday Unknown
Tuesday Unknown
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Reviews about Subway

    Monica Wong Review added: 2018.12.03
    The worst experience!!! Firstly they are not transparent with prices at all and not upfront with you. Also the minute you place your order and they put your sandwich in the oven to be toasted, they ask you for payment immediately. They rush things so quick the sandwich I brought was a foot long tuna! ok tuna doesn't take long to make, but the salad wasn't even properly added, the peppers are far to big and they just seem to hurry up and get the job done.
    Also be warned, if you don't want to take a cup drink you are entitled to take a water bottle free!!! again lack of transparency - they do not tell you this!!!!

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